Maiden flight of China’s carrier-based stealth fighter spotted, ‘aircraft to rival F-35’

China’s next-generation aircraft carrier-based fighter jet made its long-expected maiden flight recently, foreign media outlets reported, with unverified photos of the prototype warplane in the sky circulating on social media platforms.

This time, China’s J-35, as China’s first stealth carrier based aircraft, made its first public appearance. I remember at the Zhuhai air show not long ago, our chief engineer sun Cong was asked when the next generation of Shipborne aircraft would come out. At that time, his answer was within this year. Sure enough, the successful first flight of the J-35 recently surprised and delighted military fans. Although they were prepared for the appearance of the next generation of Shipborne aircraft, almost everyone thought that the new model would be the j-15t at that time.

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